About Us

Titanic Pub since 1991 in Rome.

The Titanic Pub was born on the 9th of January 1991 from an idea of Umberto and Alessandra who were together only for a few years.
When they were just 25 years old, they decided to take this trip which was not so common in that period. Even though they had no experience, they managed to make this activity work very well soon.

Why did they choose this name?
The answer is easier than you can imagine: They took inspiration from the disaster of the Titanic and with good lack they said: "Well the Titanic since sunk, we are not going to sink".
They were right! After almost 30 years this activity is still working and it became a reference point for many young people.

And today?
Today Alessandra and Umberto are married for 26 years, they have two daughters Elisabetta and Francesca who respectively are 25 and 23 years old.
Nowadays the Titanic pub is a reference point in the neighbor and it became a little big family for many people.